Do you know why they call me, Bloody Mary? Because some of them, they think it’s funny to have their little sleepovers and go into their little bathrooms and say my name five times in the mirror. They find it less funny when I actually show up and feed their lungs to the family dog.

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Up from the stinking pit
She rises, ghastly pale

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i finally had the chance to play twau episode 3


as survivor i helped out mafia

and look at the other one, it wasn’t even a normal game but i still won lol

more unfollows

why am i not surprised?

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oh my god you get an achievement for remembering you’re an amnesiac

once i remembered someone’s role who was cleaned, cause i decided to go yolo and they turned out to have been amnesiac. i got the achievement too, it’s fuckin hilarious.

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#town of salem #hella

but like imagine what a great movie/tv show/book could be made from town of salem

a vigilante shooting someone who’s innocent then committing suicide over guilt and one of their loved ones finding them after

a jester haunting someone to death from the grave. someone who is loved among others or has an important role

someone finding out that their lover is a mafia member/serial killer and dying because of that

some fuckin creative shit could be made from that

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we won with literally no mafia deaths lol


main goals when going to a friends house:
-pet dog
-avoid parent
-don’t clog toilet

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"Carl! She’s your mother you can’t talk to her like that."

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Skyrim: Daedric shrines. 
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